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‘For only by nurturing the minds and strengthening the values of our children can we give theman opportunity to be full, productive citizens, to reach their God-given potential, and to havegood jobs right here’

This is the motto of the Guidance & counseling cell which functions as a part of Student Support Services(SSS) for student retention.The principal and all the tutors do the counseling of the students and school students and guide them regarding curricular, co- curricular, career and personal matters. The cell nurtures the students through the different activities and allows the students to cross the hurdlesin the academic year thereby marching smoothly towards success .Apart from this it helps the students to overcome class, social, and cultural barriers to complete their college education. The Guidance and Counseling Committee is looked after by a teaching faculty. Apart from the main in charge the other faculty members take up specific roles in the activities conducted. Under this cell there are different programs conducted with an aim of catering to the needs of individual differences. The committee identifies students who require services on priority along with their areas of deficiency and suggests the improvement required.


The weaker students once identified they need academic counseling. Thus for improving their performance.

The following are the activities conducted under this cell

  • Nurturing through the remedial teaching program
  • Mentoring through study circles
  • Directing them through the proctorial system

Apart from this the ones who are financially weak are helped by the following activities

  • Guiding for  financial assistance from bank
  • Getting scholarship for students through various organizations

Regarding the career counseling the students are helped to get answers to the following questions

  • How to choose the right career?
  • What should be the career goals?
  • How can career goals be achieved?
  • What survival skills and personal attributes are required to succeed?


The counseling cell functions in co ordination with the placement cell in order to solve the career guidance related problems


Achievements of the cell:

  • The guidance and counseling help desk was active since the beginning of the admissions till the orientation programmes to guide the students for making correct choices in terms of subject combinations and for choosing the right option for them. The other queries of the students were also answered.
  • The Principal being the head of the Guidance & Counseling Cell, guided many students throughout the session and provided multiple counseling sessions to the students in need, along with the tutorial teacher. The whole process is kept confidential in order to maintain the dignity of counseling.
  • The Principal along with the faculty counseled few of the students who faced problems during practice teaching due to the family problems or personal anxieties.
  • Besides all these things the students approached the cell for any kind of personal, vocational educational guidance required by the students even when they leave the college.
  • Most  of the students  faced academic stress due to which constant stress relaxation sessions were conducted through Yoga sessions ,so as to help them overcome the same


Counseling sessions 2014-15


Student support being one of the major features of our institution, we make sure that the students get counseling at difficult stages of the course. Thus this year we appointed Ms Shweta Padmanabhan, as a counselor for the students of B Ed, M Ed & PGDME. On every Wednesday in semester 2 from January 28, 2014, students could avail the facility of counseling from 9 am to 10 am in the college premises. The students could discuss any kind of difficulty academic, personal, vocational difficulties. Student’s records were systematically documented and stored with strict confidentiality. The counseling cell functioned effectively due to the support of Ms Shweta. Students had the flexibility of availing the facility of counseling out of college in case the students hesitated to approach her in the college.


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