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Women Development Cell

As per the guidelines of the Vice-Chancellor of University of Mumbai, the College has introduced a Women’s Development Cell in the academic year 2011-12. The Women’s Development Cell (WDC) is a statutory body for the prevention/action against sexual harassment of women.  It looks into the grievances/complaints of teaching, non teaching staff and students, especially in cases of gender discrimination. 



  • To create awareness of sexual harassment through guest lectures
  • To ensure protection of girls/women from sexual harassment studying/working in the premises
  • To redress the cases of sexual harassment if any 
  • To enforce disciplinary framework for students
  • To organize workshops, seminars and talks to convey the message of Gender Equality (Gender Sensitization Workshops)
  • To organize the gender awareness through posters/slogans/essay competition/screening of films/street plays
  • To organize the programs with other associations of the college such as Students council, Cultural Association, etc.


The table below indicates the women development cell activities conducted in the past:

Women Development Cell 2016-17

Women Development Cell 2015-16




Target Group

Resource person


Encouraging and inspiring B.Ed students to start family business

B Ed  students

Mr. Merchant from AIFBM, Mumbai

1.       Videos, Quiz on Women achievers

2.      Posters of Women who have made a difference in Girls Common Room 

B Ed  students

Celebration of international Woman’s day 

Title of Lecture:-

“A Brief Overview On Women’s Health: A Need For Today”

( Adolescent → Menopause)

B Ed  students

Dr. Aparna Padgaonkar

( inauguration of Cell)


Guest lecture on Sexual Harassment Encountered by Women at Work Place'

Objective : Strategies of Self defence

B Ed & M Ed students

Ms. Kavita Nair Bhatia & Ms. Shabana from Chetna Foundations

Development of a module for  Gender Sensitization Program  for Vernacular Medium School Students of a particular school

Objective : Gender Sensitization  among Vernacular Medium School Students

B Ed Students

Ms Usha Sharma

Paper Presentation ‘An Ethnographic Study of Devadasi in North Karnataka'.

Objective : Awareness of Women Exploitation

M Ed students

Ms. Divya Kodoth, doctoral student of TISS

Guest lecture on  legal provisions under Indian Law

Objective: Women Empowerment

B Ed & M Ed students

Ms Charu Bharti from Tilak Nagar Police Station

Cultural program including dance, drama and Speech for Women Achievers

Objective: Gender Equality & Awareness of Women achievers

B Ed & M Ed students





Paper Presentation 'Utilization of Maternal Health Care Services   in Maharashtra: Right- Based Approach to Public Health'


Objective : Sensitize towards Women health issues 

M Ed students

Mr. Pandurang Sontakke, a doctoral scholar from TISS

Session on Prevention of Cancer organized by Oncology Centre, Somaiya Ayurvihar

Objective : Creating awareness related  to types of cancer ,its prevention with the help of Technology


B.Ed. and M.Ed. students

Dr Bhawin Parmar ,

Ms Pooja Singh(biomedical engineer),Dr Bhatia

Somaiya Ayurvihar , Sion


Self Defence Techniques, Gender Discrimination and Alternative techniques of questioning

Objective : Women Empowerment

B.Ed. and M.Ed. students

Ms. Kavita Nair Bhatia & Ms Shabana from Chetna foundations

Poster making on theme Save the girl child

Objective : Gender  Sensitisation

B Ed students

Faculty members as Judges

Cultural program based on Womens Day & Felicitation of Women Achievers


Objective :Setting Role models to follow,Women Empowerment

B Ed students ,Faculty



Street Plays on the theme of Women Exploitation


Objective : Women Empowerment

Women in Slums near Ghatkopar & Chembur

B Ed Students as enactors

Presenting a skit at University under the theme Save the girl child


Objective : Women Empowerment

( Audience)


B Ed Students as enactors  , Faculty for script writing 


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