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                            Student Council 2017-18


The College of Education Student Council is a student organization run by students for the students. Our mission is to improve the educational experience of our students by building a community within the College that shares ideas, provides opportunities, and interacts with administrators.

It funnels information from all corners of the institution to it’s the remaining students . It also provides students associated with the College of Education a chance to voice concerns or questions relating to the college.

What Student Council can provide you:

·         Assist new graduate students in developing a sense of community

·         A way to voice your concerns about and receive feedback from the College

·         Expand collaboration between graduate students across the programs B Ed & M Ed

·         To ensure fair representation and to address potential programmatic concerns

·         A way to get involved with and connect to the teaching faculty

·         Leadership opportunities (through our council)


Here the student members are nominated by faculty from each of the College’s academic programs.  The Principal and the faculty members oversee committee activities and monthly meetings.

Please contact the 2017-18 Student Council, please contact Student Council General Secretary Ms Shruti Gaitonde or the Student Council Head Ms Takshashila Jadahv at  takshashila@somaiya.edu


Student Council 2017-18



Sr. No






Dr. Sarla Santwani

Chairperson & Principal


Ms. Takshashila

Student Council Head


Aafreen Hayat

Literary Secretary


Sonam Jagtap

Women Development Cell


Sadaf Momin

Environmental Secretary


Meghana Nair

Cultural Secretary


Shruti Gaitonde

General Secretary


Aimana Firfire

Sports Secretary


Sheetal Singh

Principal's Nominee





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