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  • 14 Dec, 2018
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From this year onwards, the College has decided to start a Magazine in an electronic form. This is a small endeavor towards sustainability.The Magazine has content useful for the students, the alumni, the teachers, the parents and all the other stakeholders in Education. The content matter showcases the following:

  • The Vision and Mission of our Institution;
  • History of our College;
  • The present running year trustees of the Institution;
  • Class group photographs of the current year ;
  • Our achievements ( both students and faculty ) so far;
  • Articles from students and faculty on various topics of interest like poems, skits, essays, jokes, quotes, drawings, cartoons, and so on;
  • A review of all the events conducted throughout the year

The objectives of publishing the Magazine are as listed below:

       (i) To provide opportunity to the students for self-expression in written form.

      (ii) To develop and cultivate in students the literary taste and study habits.

      (iii) To act as a means of unifying the College.

      (iv)  To provide training to students for better utilization of their leisure time.

     (v) To develop in students a sense of loyalty towards the insti­tution and feel pride for its achievements.

     (vi) To provide encouragement for and to stimulate worth-while activities.

History Magazine( B Ed 2015-16): Bygone Times(Special Reference to Mughal Era)



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